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Blog 丨 2021.11.18

Cannabis Atomization Industry: How to Solve 99% Vape Spitting Problem?

What’s Vape Spitting?  What Causes Vape Spitting

Vape spitting are one of the most prominent problem areas in the cannabis vaping industry. Spit-back in the device occurs when oil passes by the cap area and can occur during inhalation or over time with the handling of a machine. Vape Spitting cause unpleasant spit-back and clogging, which reduce consumer satisfaction. Moreover, vape spitting in the device during shipping or packaging can cause the device to malfunction and possibly lead to product recalls. Cilicon’s new BioBaleen™ Cap reduces vape spit-back by 99%, providing a solution to the problems caused by vape spitting for distributors and consumers.

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Why is it named BioBaleen™ Cap?

The new cap design is inspired by the Animal Kingdom, taking the food sifting system used by the Baleen Whale and adapting it to the problem of vape spit-back in the atomization industry. The cap uses a silica gel design that captures flying particles of oil without impeding airflow in the device, similar to how a whale sifts out food while letting water continue to flow through its mouth. The BioBaleen™ Cap is implemented in Cilicon’s new Dispsosable SOLO 1 Pro. This feature is one reason that the SOLO 1 Pro is destined to shake the atomization industry.


How to Solve 99% Vape Spitting Problem by Biobaleen™ Module ? 

The BioBaleen™ Module addresses several key cannabis atomization market issues. On the filling and distribution side, the new cap design from Cilicon’s design team almost completely solves the problem of escaping oil from the oil chamber. Escaped oil can cause operational issues with a device before it even reaches the consumer. In the best case, escaped oil can cause decreased customer satisfaction with a device that has issues from the first use. In the worst case, escaped oil can cause serious device malfunctions that require an entire product recall. The BioBaleen™ Cap solves this issue by capturing loose oil particles that reach the cap within its bristled silicone design.


Moreover, the BioBaleen™ Silicon Cap improves consumer satisfaction with several improvements to the vaping experience. Spit-back is one of the most commonly-cited consumer complaints regarding vaping devices. Spitting oil into the consumer’s mouth when taking a puff of vapor ruins the taste and generally is unpleasant. Vape spitting in the device also can cause clogging, as the oil seeps through the other sections of the device instead of remaining in the chamber. The BioBaleen™ Silicon Cap addresses both of these key issues for consumers.

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How the Cilicon Design Team has Addressed the Vape spitting Challenges

With the addition of a silica gel cap with a bristled design, the BioBaleen™ silicon cap reduces vape spitting in the device by 99%. As oil particles fly around the oil tank, they come into contact with the gel cap. Instead of being able to escape through the crevices, the oil particles are caught by the bristled silicon in the cap. With this basic design change, the entire list of industry issues mentioned above is almost entirely solved for good. Oil remains safely in the oil chamber from the time the device is filled to when it reaches the consumer. The new cap design also combines the traditional cotton filter with a medical-grade silicone center, increasing the device’s safety while simplifying the assembly process and reducing labor costs. The Cilicon team was inspired by the baleen system used by whales to solve one problem and ended up solving several.


On the consumer side, the silicone bristles of the cap reduce spit-back by 99%. The BioBaleen™ Cap’s silicon brush captures vape spitting during consumption the same way it does during distribution. Like the baleen whale, consumers ingest only the intended substances while filtering out the unneeded ones. The reduction in spit-back significantly improves the consumer experience by ensuring that each pull is all vapor and no oil, allowing them to enjoy the terpene profile of their oil fully. Moreover, the reduction of escaping oil reduces clogging in the device. Consumers can purchase devices equipped with the BioBaleen™ Cap, knowing that it will provide a reliable vaping experience with a significant shelf life.


Conclusion: How Will the BioBaleen™ Silicon Cap Change the Industry?

With the SOLO 1 Pro, Cilicon has implemented the BioBaleen™ Cap in a way that is sure to leave a positive impact on the atomization market. These new products push forward the vaping experience in every design decision. The BioBaleen™ Cap is one of the key features that make Cilicon’s new models so innovative. Moreover, Cilicon will continue to deploy the cap in future products, ensuring that purchasing a Cilicon product means that any vape spitting concerns can be eliminated.

SOLO 1 Pro disposable

Cilicon Solo 1  Pro


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