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Blog 丨 2022.12.14

How to Pick a High-Quality Ceramic-Heating Cannabis Vape?

Cannabis vaping is becoming increasingly relevant, and its popularity is growing exponentially. Why are cannabis vapes so popular, especially those with ceramic heating elements? Because it has many benefits, like discreetness, tasty, safe, and can even help people quit smoking. However, even the most seasoned vape user may still wonder how to pick an excellent ceramic-heating cannabis vape. If you’ve just started reading this article, you’re ready to buy your first ceramic-heating vape.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to pick a high-quality ceramic-heating cannabis vape, including all information you need to know about how vaporization performance affects your consuming experience.


Choose high-quality ceramic elements

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The quality of the ceramic heating element determines the vaporization performance of a cannabis atomizer. If you are a user looking for the natural flavor and aroma of cannabis, then you should select a cannabis vape with a high-quality ceramic heating element. In the article How to determine whether your ceramic heating core is safe and qualified? We have thoroughly discussed the primary raw materials used to make ceramic elements, which form a superior ceramic conductor with high tenacity and high stability. But it is not enough to use high-quality raw materials; it also has to ensure the ceramic element is fired in a reliable and scientific way.

If the manufacturer chooses reliable ceramic raw materials and fires the ceramic conductor over 3000℉, ceramic components will have excellent corrosion and wear resistance. They are not fragile and will not chemically react with cannabis extracts. A premium ceramic heating element can maximize vapor generation and flavor reducibility. Especially for cannabis enthusiasts who like to consume live resin and live rosin, Picking a cannabis vape with a high-quality ceramic element is a guarantee to get the original flavor.

The key to vapor formation: thermal conductivity

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The thermal conductivity of the heating element affects the formation of each puff of vapor. When you activate your cannabis vape, the battery starts delivering electricity, and the temperature instantly rises. The heating element conducts heat to vaporize the cannabis extract, producing vapor and flavor. It is well-known that metal conducts heat better than ceramic, which is why most cannabis vape manufacturers employ metal materials for the heating coil. If it heats up fast enough, the less time it takes to a cold start. You can inhale huge clouds in just one second.

In addition, fast heat conduction is also the key to creating an impressive throat ‘hit.’ The faster the heat is conducted, the more impactful the airflow will be, and the greater the vapor density will be. The beast-like cloud instantly rushes into your mouth and throat, giving you an exciting vaping experience. If you are a cloud chaser, pick a cannabis atomizer with excellent thermal conductivity.

Precise heat to fully unleash your cannabis potency

Heat affects cannabinoids, terpenes and how they work together when activated (or destroyed) at different temperatures. As a result, both heat and heating method affect the taste and effects of cannabis. Organic compounds such as terpenes and cannabinoids are known to be fragile, which is one reason the cannabis vaporizer is far superior to the combustion of traditional smoking. With combustion, the plant matter is burnt, just like in any fire, and the compounds turn into smoke that is then inhaled. The problem with combustion is that smokers inhale known carcinogens, tar, and all other toxic substances, so the adverse effects on health can be severe over a long time. More importantly, however, combustion means burning the herb and destroying some of the delicate terpene compounds in the process, which can weaken the herb’s potency and ruin the flavor and aroma.

Unlike traditional smoking, cannabis vapes do not burn the herb. Most vapes heat the herb to a boiling point slightly below the combustion temperature, thus avoiding almost all of the health problems and issues associated with inhaling smoke. Vaping is also better because it unleashes the desired organic compounds, cannabinoids, and terpenes from the herb without burning the herb itself. However, it is worth noting that even if you select a cannabis vape, the vaporizing temperature should be adjusted according to the boiling point of your cannabis extract. All of Cilicon’s vape products support customization and adjustment of heating temperatures to set the most precise and appropriate heating temperature for your precious cannabis extracts.

In fact, the heating controls of most cannabis vapes on the current market are still too simple and rigid. You may encounter the following situations. When you first start vaping, you have to wait a few seconds for the formation of vapor – this is because the heating is too slow. As vaping vigorously, you may also inhale beads of oil with bitterness – this is caused by insufficient atomization. Vaping a little longer will produce a strong, burnt taste – this is caused by a constant increase in heating temperature. Much of these uncomfortable vaping experiences are due to the battery output and heating conduction, where the heating temperature rises linearly with the duration of the vape at a constant voltage output and resistance setting.

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Aiming to improve the heating performance, Cilicon has developed Smart Heating Control Technology to improve cannabis atomization performance. The innovative technology is capable of more than simply delivering a steady vaporizing process for your cannabis extract, as well as adjusting the voltage in different stages during heating to remain the ceramic temperature constant, which is beneficial for a smooth, steady, and superior vaping performance.

Superlative Overall Vape Design

If you desire a superior vaping experience, it’s not enough to consider the quality of ceramic heating elements, you also need to focus on the overall vape design and manufacturing. In addition to the heating element itself, the air path design also affects the vapor formation. Besides, extra attention needs to be paid to the materials of the different components, such as the mouthpiece, oil tank, and central post, which can directly affect vaping safety.

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Hopefully, this guide helped inspire you to pick a premium ceramic-heating cannabis vape to enhance your cannabis-consuming experience, besides giving you a better understanding of what a ceramic-heating cannabis vape is. So, when trying to find the perfect cannabis vape for your precious cannabis extracts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cilicon to get our latest samples seeking an excellent product solution for a great cannabis vaping experience.

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